Self tailor made
basque furniture

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What we do

In KANA we offer durable and high quality shelves, desks and storage unit systems which are easy to configure and assemble, functional and really tailored to your needs.



Let your company staff's creativity flow and promote teamwork with functional desks tailored to their style.

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Storage units

Storage units

Discover the endless possibilities our modular sytem has to offer. Storage furniture, partition walls, counters and desktops...

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A product range designed for your space and storage needs

From start to finish
in just one step

We have functional shelves, storage systems and display cabinets available which can be assembled without the need for tools and and tricky handling.

Thanks to our AZ System you can have a quality space tailored to your taste in record time.

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Choose the perfect furniture for your workspace. Compare between the different finishes and any of the combinations of the KANA palette of colours.

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Create furniture with customised dimensions, selecting the exact characteristics you need, no more no less. Our furniture is modulated three-dimensionally, configure the height, width and depth.

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A robust and durable solution for different sectors, facilities, uses and spaces.

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About Kana

KANA is a blend between tailor-made and mass production furniture.

Our system enables different modular pieces to be created and adapted to your needs and spaces, without compromising the rigidity of a mass produced piece or the invariability and cost of a unique piece.

Self tailor-made Basque furniture

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